Carpentry and Dry Rot

Dry Rot

Dry rot is a fungus that thrives in areas where moisture content is high. As a restoration contractor in the SF Bay Area where the environmental conditions exacerbate this condition, we have restored countless dry rot damaged structures. Largely because dry rot is often difficult to assess due to its concealed nature, we take a budget-conscious approach to every project with full transparency and clear, concise communication throughout.

Dry Rot

Full Carpentry Department

Our crew of professional carpenters have decades of experience, and continue to impress and perform above and beyond our client’s expectation. From rough framing to elaborate, fine finish carpentry, we pride ourselves on providing the finest craftsmanship the SF Bay Area has to offer.


Interior Drywall Repairs

Dry rot affects many components of a structure. In most cases, it is also necessary to address the collateral damage of a dry rot affected area, such as the interior dry wall and finishes. Alpha provides a complete repair scope so our clients only have to hire one, quality contractor.

Exterior Carpentry

Custom trim, mouldings, balustrades, and highly detailed ornamental installations are second-nature to us. We are passionate about our work, and the finished product is expected to be perfect, particularly to those with a keen eye. We do not cut corners, unless a corner needs to be removed and sanded to a smooth finish for a perfect casing.


Carpentry and Dry Rot Services

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  • Expert carpentry mitigation
  • Interior repairs including trim, drywall, and painting
  • Dry rot repairs in framing, sheathing, and siding
  • Exterior siding and trim removal and installation
  • Exterior finishes