Windows and Glazing


Windows are perhaps one of the most important pieces of building construction. They serve multiple purposes including thermal barriers, light sourcing, and many times something as simple as a nice view to the outside world. Proper window installation can have an incredibly long-lasting affect in a home, office, virtually any occupied space. Alpha Restoration provides a water-tight installation method that has proven to be effective for decades. Our installation includes multiple layers of waterproof materials applied with precision to provide a water-tight and aesthetically-pleasing finished product.

  • Window Water Testing
    • Test Investigations to analyze water intrusions through windows
  • Window Flashings
    • Installation of window flashing for leak-proof performance
  • Window Wall Restoration
    • Repair and waterproof walls around varying, complex-designed window openings
  • Aluminum, steel, and wood windows
    • Remove and professionally reinstall, or replace windows in full compliance with building codes
Window repairs
Window repairs

Windows and Glazing Services

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  • Curtain wall restoration
  • Window flashing installation
  • Aluminum, wood, and steel window restoration
  • Window leak analysis
  • Water testing
  • Negative air-chamber testing