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Building Inspection Support

We Offer Our Expertise to Architects and Consultants in the San Francisco Area.

Ultimately our desire is to help make the Bay Area a more beautiful place. Architects, consultants, attorneys, and other professionals rely on us to draw upon our years of experience to provide expert insights and analysis of building conditions and more.

Building Façade Inspection Support

Several architects and consultants rely on Alpha’s crew to assist them in their inspections and investigations and provide them with the equipment needed to access the areas being inspected. Our crew is very well versed with all building components, giving us the ability to help the architects and consultants document their findings and provide building owners and government agencies with a report of their findings.

Destructive Testing

Alpha’s crew has performed destructive testing on numerous buildings. The skills of the crew performing these tests is very important as they have to expose hidden conditions in a certain sequence to properly identify and document the issues causing the leaks and water intrusion inside the buildings.

Leak Detection & Water Testing

Alpha’s crew, in conjunction with its management team, has performed numerous leak detections to identify the source of water intrusion into the buildings and expose the deficiencies or problems that contributed to such leaks. From these findings, Alpha’s management team can propose the scope of work needed to correct these deficiencies and stop water intrusion into the buildings.

Litigation Support

Several of Alpha’s management team have been asked to be expert witnesses on some cases that were litigated, making use of our expertise regarding restoration and waterproofing.

We’re in the business of restoring your building to all its former glory.

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