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Terra Cotta & Stone Repairs/Replacement

Trust Alpha Restoration & Waterproofing to provide unmatched craftsmanship and comprehensive solutions for all your Terra Cotta, Cast Stone, and GFRC needs.

Alpha Restoration possesses the extensive knowledge and expertise required to handle the repair, replication, and replacement of Terra Cotta, Cast Stone, and GFRC panels. Terra Cotta, derived from the Italian phrase "fired earth," represents a distinguished type of masonry meticulously crafted from molded clay. Cast stone, on the other hand, serves as precast concrete intended to emulate the natural-cut beauty of stone. GFRC, an acronym for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, combines Portland cement, fine aggregate, water, acrylic copolymer, alkali-resistant glass fiber reinforcement, and additives.

To ensure the long-lasting appearance and prevent further damage, cleaning, caulking, sealing, and protecting the Terra Cotta, Cast Stone, and GFRC panels are essential components of our comprehensive approach. At Alpha Restoration, we understand the significance of maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of these architectural elements.

With Alpha Restoration & Waterproofing as your trusted partner, you can be confident in our commitment to excellence and our dedication to preserving the charm and structural integrity of these remarkable materials.

We’re in the business of restoring your building to all its former glory.

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