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Promontory Point - Waterproofing, Siding Replacement and Deck Repairs

Promontory Point Townhomes included three separate buildings built at different phases. Alpha was hired to stop the existing leaks that were evident on all buildings through the building exterior and balcony decks. The original construction was poorly built with numerous construction defects. Alpha’s work included the removal of the poor quality siding, installing new air barrier and replacing the old siding with new siding. The work included the removal and reinstallation of the existing windows within the work areas. In addition, the waterproofing membrane on balcony decks were replaced with new where some included the installation of new tiles on the decks.  

During the repairs, several areas where the exterior wall sheathing, framing, and structural beams were found to be dry rotted and replaced as needed by Alpha’s carpentry team.   


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